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Sustainability initiative

SustainabilityATECMAA PACKAGING's managers, team and partners have joined forces within a Continuous Improvement Process to guaranty the company's sustainable development. 

Human Ressources are the centerpiece of ATECMAA PACKAGING's strategy. Skill development and training are one of the HR Department's priorities. The company takes great care in minimizing carbon footprint, using solvent-free paint and recycling. The teams at all levels have integrated the prinicples of sustainability into their work procedures. 

ResearchWhen designing new stretch wrapping equipment, the engineering team integrates the requirements of sustainability :

  • Workstation optimization, in collaboration with experts in ergonomics and the French Health Insurance Organization,
  • Reduction of stretch film consumption using pre-stretching and automation of the stretch wrap cycles,
  • Optimization of the order preparation in the customer's facilities.
  • All along with raising awareness about the stretch-wrapping solutions.