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On demand turntable or rotating arm full automatic stretch wrappers


Higher productivity with high throuput rate - Precise cycle management - Comprehensive production reporting - Automated controls - Perfect integration to the existing production line

Thanks to its expertise, ATECMAA PACKAGING studies and developps on demand end-of-line packaging machinery: integration of high cadency stretch wrapper systems, automatic cut and conveying systems. This series accepts many types of loads, whether in terms of dimensions or in terms of weight and height.

A top sheet can be applied upstream or integrated into the wrapping process, allowing for a larger choice of film width. ATECMAA PACKAGING's patented high precision film supply carriage optimizes film consumption and allows for light-weight merchandise wrapping.

Our team will study your incoming and outgoing pallets and your installation to provide you the best layout study, a calculation of return on investment upon your cadency and film consumption according to your line and your type of products.

Automatic rotating ring wrappers

ATECMAA PACKAGING is the exclusive sales distributor in France of the MOVITEC' range of ring wrappers. Our team provides you with lay out studies to integrate this stretch wrapping technology to your current installation, supplies the machines, their installation and full maintenance on site. MOVITEC includes a comprehensive range of full automatic lines with conveying systems, providing you turnkey solutions.

Discover the MOVITEC range :

  • Experience, full automatic lines, France manufacturing

    ATECMAA PACKAGING designs and manufactures in France all its stretch wrapping and conveying systems. The technical team studies the best solutions with regards to your type of products, your type of pallets, your cadencies and your production site as for installation.
    These full automatic stretch wrapping lines generate significant productivity gains.
    Ask our experienced team and check with us our thousands of installation in France and the references in many sectors.